Tampa Bay Pilotage Rates

Regular Draft Charge: $39.27 per Draft Foot

Minimum Draft Charge: UNDER 10,000 GRT 12 Feet Minimum
OVER 10,000 GRT 20 Feet Minimum

Regular Tonnage Charge: $0.0713 per International Gross Ton (GT)

Minimum Tonnage Charge: 2600 GT Minimum

Minimum Tonnage Charge: 2600 GT Minimum
Vessels without Power and/or Steering: Double Regular Charges
Arrival or Sailing: Regular draft plus regular tonnage charges


ZONE A (under 3 miles) $14.73 per draft foot plus $0.02674 per GT (min. $347.33)
ZONE B (3 to 7 miles) $29.45 per draft foot plus $0.0535 per GT
ZONE C (over 7 miles) Draft plus tonnage rate

Docking or Undocking: UNDER 5000 GT - $72.00
5000 GT to 10000 GT - $107.00
OVER 10000 GT - $143.00
Anchoring or Heaving: UNDER 5000 GT - $100.00
5000 GT to 10000 GT - $150.00
OVER 10000 GT - $200.00

Cancellation Charge: $100.00 - charged for any cancellation after the pilot is dispatched.
Detention Charge: $50.00 per half hour, no charge for any delay less than half an hour.

- Charged for delayed sailing or late arrival at sea buoy unless a change in orders is received prior to the pilot being dispatched
- Charged for delays in transit requested by Master or Agent
- No charge for delays due to weather or traffic
- Charged for miscellaneous services en route, such as compass adjustment, RDF calibration, engine repairs or testing
- Charged for miscellaneous services, such as holding vessel to dock with tugs standing by at anchor, etc.
- Charged from time vessel is securely moored or anchored until a safe method for the pilot to disembark is provided

NOTES: - In the event a vessel has more than one tonnage, the higher tonnage will prevail.
- All invoices are due on receipt. Any invoice unpaid after 30 days from date of invoice shall be considered delinquent and subject to a late charge of 1.5% for each 30 days outstanding. Any charges not paid within 60 days will result in cash operations

EFFECTIVE : February 1, 2010