Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of reliable, efficient and modern pilotage services that are essential to the economy and public health, safety and welfare of the Tampa Bay Region. We are entrusted to preserve and protect the Tampa Bay ports, population and environment to the fullest extent possible. We will facilitate and promote the safe and efficient flow of commercial vessel traffic throughout the pilotage waters of Tampa Bay. We will strive to serve the maritime industry with professionalism, courtesy and with a commitment to excellence. We will have mutual respect for each other and value the people that make up our association, our customers and our community.

Admin & Ops

Terry Fluke

Executive Director

Leasa Gillispie

Office Manager

Chase Palmer

Station Manager

Our Pilots

Carolyn Kurtz

Tobias Rose

Travis Bacon

Peter Glynn

Joseph Lachnicht

Steve Sottak

Gregg MacLaren

Jack Timmel

Matthew Riley

Brett Monthie

Jimmy Moore

Ken Sears

Brendan Myers

Brett Baker

Kyle O'Connor

Mike Stutevoss

Clint McCay

Tevin Freeman